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El Observador. Uruguay, October 6, 2021 - De Narváez to triple its investments in Uruguay and generate 1,500 jobs.

The aim is to set up businesses in the interior of the country and allow Mides’ beneficiaries will have a preferential right on vacancies.

Ta-Ta S.A. Successful Placement of Negotiable Debt Obligations for USD 100 million through BEVSA.


URUGUAY, Montevideo, November 9, 2020. – As part of its efforts to lower the cost of living in Uruguay, Ta-Ta calls for national production.

IDB Invest makes investment in Ta-Ta S.A., an Uruguayan retail company

Ta-Ta S.A., an Uruguayan supermarket, wholesale, home appliance, textile, and e-commerce chain established in 1956, will receive a capital injection of more than US$14 million, of which IDB Invest will provide approximately US$10 million and the rest will be contributed by the company's current shareholders.