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Ta-Ta S.A. Successful Placement of Negotiable Debt Obligations for USD 100 million through BEVSA.

The company Ta-Ta S.A. has successfully placed Negotiable Debt Obligations (N.O.) for the amount of USD 100 million through the bidding procedure of the Electronic Stock Exchange of Uruguay (BEVSA), in the largest transaction of its kind in the Uruguayan stock market. The investments include the opening of Ta-Ta S.A. and BAS shops, as well as the development of technology, logistics and maintenance, which are essential for the future growth of all its business units. There are currently five such business units, comprising the supermarkets Ta-Ta, BAS, Multi Ahorro Hogar, Baranur S.A. (online retailing) and Frontoy S.A. (wholesale). This big milestone has been achieved thanks to the more than 5000 proud employees who every day, throughout the 19 departments of the country, strive to achieve the purpose of lowering the cost of living in Uruguay, being the best place to shop, work, invest and which has a positive impact on all the communities where it has operations. This major step allows us to continue providing an excellent value proposition to the more than 100,000 customers who visit our shops across the country every day.