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URUGUAY, Montevideo, November 9, 2020. – As part of its efforts to lower the cost of living in Uruguay, Ta-Ta calls for national production.

Ta-Ta is launching a campaign to find local producers, regardless of the industry or the scale of the business, who want to develop a new sales channel by distributing their products in the country's supermarket chain. Ta-Ta's initiative is based on the framework of the Program for the Development of Local Producers 'First Uruguay;' and seeks to promote the development of local producers who are often unable to offer products to the market and to large supermarket chains, either because their products are still unknown, they do not have a budget for communication, they cannot improve their production, they lack financial assistance for investing in working capital, or they simply do not know how to operate. 'No matter the industry, we will evaluate each product, the conditions, and we will offer our help through the 'First Uruguay' program in order to support producers throughout their development, until they become suppliers of Ta-Ta S.A. Producers can start distributing in just one store, in many stores, or throughout the whole chain, depending on the case and the scale of each one,' explained Ta-Ta CEO, Christopher Jones. If you are interested, please visit There you can find out about the details of the program, read the terms and conditions and complete the registration form so that we can find out about your products and the characteristics of each enterprise or company. The producers and/or businesses will be selected according to their characteristics, taking into account the degree of disabled people's inclusion, women's participation, environmental impact, among others, and based on the needs and opportunities that may arise in the market. During the following stage, they will have a mentor to guide them through the process and assist them in the necessary steps to ensure that their product/business complies with all the necessary requirements, whether they are registration, legal, technical, sanitary, or commercial. As we move forward in the process, we will offer partnerships with banks and financial institutions that will provide assistance to each of the proposed initiatives, according to their products and type of business. 'Our responsibility is to promote employment, workforce, and the expansion of domestic industry and national production, and in doing so, to connect with the community around us. The creation of jobs, the development of domestic production, and the replacement of imports are essential for building a better, more just, more equal, and happier society', said Jones. Through initiatives such as the 'Uruguay First' Program, Ta-Ta seeks to promote local entrepreneurship, understanding that more production generates more employment for everyone, while staying true to its goal of further lowering the cost of living in Uruguay.