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The third edition of the Superheroes of Development 2020 awards, organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), aims to share the success stories of the contest winners in Latin America and the Caribbean to contribute to the implementation of projects such as the preparation of new operations. The online event took place this Monday, August 31 at 4 pm EST in Washington, DC.

The winners from Brazil (2), Suriname (1), and Ecuador (1) took part in a discussion with IDB’s President, Luis Alberto Moreno. Almacenes Tía, on behalf of Ecuador, is one of the four winning initiatives with its project “Tía: innovative solidarity through the toughest times”. In the program's initial stage, the company, together with Banco de Alimentos Diakonía, the support of public and private institutions and hundreds of supportive individuals, delivered 2 million kilos of food to around 250,000 people. In the second stage, Tía, Banco de Alimentos Diakonía and Banco del Pacífico continue to provide humanitarian food assistance through a digital platform. “Our biggest challenge was to reach as many vulnerable people as possible, our greatest achievement is that we made use of the available resources in the shortest time possible to successfully achieve it, and our most important lesson is that all problems can be solved if we come together for a great cause,” said Luis Reyes, CEO at Almacenes Tía. The Tía initiative was selected from 88 proposals from the Bank's 26 borrowing member countries in all development areas. The winners were selected by a panel of IDB Group experts based on three criteria: the challenge that COVID-19 has posed to the execution of the project; actions implemented to address the challenge and their effects so far; suggestions on the adjustment process and the search for solutions; and how to tackle similar challenges in the future.