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GDN Argentina and River Plate Foundation join efforts to strengthen “Valores a la cancha” (Values to the Field).

Following the agreement for the naming of the Mâs Monumental stadium, the retail chain sealed a new alliance with the so called “millionaire team” foundation through which +185 workshops will be held in different neighbourhood clubs all over the country to promote the importance of social integration and healthy play values among +600 children.

Buenos Aires, June 2023.- GDN Argentina, controlling company of Híper ChangoMâs, ChangoMâs and Mâ brands and River Plate Foundation formed a strategic alliance for the development of the “Valores a la Cancha” (Values to the Field) programme, a project that seeks to provide a safe environment for +600 children, adolescents and their families living in socially vulnerable situations, promoting the importance of respect and cultivating healthy, team-based gaming bonds through recreational soccer schools. This programme is carried out in 8 recreational soccer schools in different highly vulnerable areas of the AMBA (Greater Buenos Aires), as well as in communities of Santiago del Estero and Misiones provinces, where +185 workshops will be held, focused on strengthening bonds, values and the social and supportive role of sports. “We are proud to join River Plate Foundation in this mission to strengthen values and promote more and better ties through sports. A mission that has in the neighbourhood clubs a key player in social support and in River Plate Foundation a solid mentor, with a history and a great team that works—day by day—to instil healthy values that serve to grow and develop in society and in life”, asserted Juan Pablo Quiroga, Institutional Relations Director of GDN Argentina and responsible for De Narváez Group sustainability strategy for Argentina, Ecuador and Uruguay. “Valores a la cancha” not only has a team of sport coaches who provide the workshops, but also volunteers who join in the recreational work of each neighbourhood where the little soccer school is developed. “We believe that these alliances allow us to work as a team, being a bridge for the companies to have a social impact in the territories where they operate. That is why we highly value the voluntary work of the companies that join us and of the independent volunteers who give their time and enthusiasm to empathise with this project that aims to transform the lives of more than 600 children before the end of the year, bringing better opportunities and tools for their growth”, pointed out Lucía de la Vega, Executive Director of River Plate Foundation.