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Merco Talento Survey.

GDN Argentina recognised among the top 20 employers nationwide.

Buenos Aires, March 2023 – As it does every year, La Nación newspaper published the results of the Merco Talento Ranking, which recognizes the 100 best employers in the country. This year, GDN Argentina (controlling company of Híper ChangoMâs, ChangoMâs and brands) was recognised in the #18 position, growing 8 positions over the previous year and leading in the traditional retail category, followed by Carrefour (#60), Coto (#73), Cencosud (#78) and La Anónima (#81). The ranking outcome is aligned with the company's work in building a strong Mâs culture that promotes the development of each of its employees, encouraging their participation in the business, strengthening their confidence and leadership, and providing the necessary tools to enable their professional development to achieve their objectives. “At GDN Argentina we are convinced that our true strength lies in our people, in the diversity of our teams and in creating environments that enable each person to develop their potential. This pushes us and makes us feel proud of what we do, creating a unique way of experiencing the retail segment”, said Mariana Fiordalisi, Human Resources director of the company. Merco Talento is the most renowned measurement in its field, audited by KPMG, which identifies the 100 companies with the best talent in Argentina. The results are based on a comparative analysis of the main business management indicators throughout the country and the opinion of different audiences such as scholars, human resources experts, specialised analysts and directors of large companies. Merco is currently published in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Costa Rica and Panama. The complete results were published this Saturday, March 25, in the Financial section of La Nación newspaper.