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September 23, 2021 - Hiper ChangoMAS opening transforms GDN Argentina into a multi-format proposal.

The company began the process of transforming its shops, which will offer not only a new name, but also a renewed shopping experience.

After investing in the acquisition of Walmart International operations in Argentina in November 2020, GDN (Grupo De Narváez) presents a new corporate identity and renews its shopping concept with the arrival of Hiper ChangoMAS: A proposition that takes another step forward in its constant efforts to improve the quality of life of its customers and communities, creating relevant experiences with honest brands. Hiper ChangoMAS comes to respond to the needs of consumers through a differentiated value proposition, which seeks to offer the best quality products at the best price, as well as a close and locally relevant experience, in all the cities of the country. Thus, the announcement consolidates the company’s multi-format proposition, which combines a portfolio of different solutions for products, prices, experience and convenience, in its aim to build close, direct bonds with each of the 64 communities where GDN Argentina will continue to be present. Also, the brands Hiper ChangoMAS, ChangoMAS, Super ChangoMAS and Punto Mayorista, are complemented by an omnichannel strategy focused on creating agile customer-centred digital experiences, with a reliable and dynamic service 365 days a year. Each of the company’s 92 shops has a wide range of complementary and differentiated services such as pharmacies, oil centres and financial solutions, allowing customers to find everything they need in one place. The new Hiper ChangoMAS brand will be launched progressively in 29 shops all over the country, starting in September with the branches in Lujan (198 Payró St.), Avellaneda (861 Güemes Ave.), Olavarría (4370 Rivadavia Ave.), Corrientes (840 Gregorio Pomar St.) and Resistencia, Chaco (Highway 11 and Marconi Ave.) The presentation of the new corporate identity and the Hiper ChangoMAS brand are part of an ambitious investment plan of USD 120 million in three years, with which GDN Argentina seeks to build stronger communities, transform its value proposition and IT processes infrastructure, as well as to create new and better opportunities for its employees, suppliers and small regional producers.